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The Beef Monkey Mission

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Our mission as a company from day one has been "To provide our consumers with superior products and create an ever innovative and auspicious culture #nofluffstuff." This mission, or "vision" if you want to call it, was brought to pass through our years of experience in the gym and the supplement industry. After testing and taking many supplements we discovered that honesty is hard to come by in the industry. Meaning, many companies were taking advantage of consumers to a certain point, putting trace amounts of certain supplements into their formulas just so they can claim the benefits thereof. However, just because a company has enough to "claim" the ingredient, this does not necessarily mean they are providing enough of the ingredient to make the change the consumer is expecting. As we started to discover this we also learned that we liked certain things about some products and different things about others. From there, we took our combined knowledge of supplements, the industry, input from other consumers, and put our heads together with the experience of a few longtime professionals. Together we decided we wanted to build a company based on honesty, quality, and transparency in an industry that often time lacks thereof. We have done exactly that. Beef Monkey prides itself on providing you with quality supplements, necessary dosage, increased performance, an exhilarating culture, a brighter future, and an all around great experience! We want you to not only use our supplements, but understand them! We want feedback from our consumers in order to best meet your needs and wants as we continue to grow together through our positive and auspicious culture! We want to help you become the best version you can imagine yourself becoming! #nofluffstuff