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“To provide our consumers with superior products and create an ever innovative and auspicious culture.”

Beef Monkey (Where it came from)

It’s okay to wonder why in the world we are named “Beef Monkey”. Originally this came about as a nickname/joke for someone who was “swoll” but quickly started catching fire when people around us kept using it! As we were in the process of creating this company, Jett (one of the owners) said “Beef Monkey” in conversation, and it was a light bulb moment of “We should name the company that!”. Long story short, here we are today and if you took the time to read this, now you won’t forget us 🦍


We stepped into this industry with consumer first mindset because as a consumer to other products we felt we were not getting exactly what we wanted. We give full credit to our consumers, supporters, and Beef Monkey Family for being the ones to inspire and create our formulas. Yes we ultimately make it come to life when it comes to production, but we truly ask around and create all that we do from the feedback we are given. We want to create what you want created! So please, give us all your feedback in order to help us provide what you want and need!


Our customers, supporters, and this Beef Monkey Family are who makes this all possible for us to be in business, provide jobs for others, develop top of the line products, improve/promote healthy lifestyles, create an auspicious culture, and ultimately change lives for the better!

"Quality is never an accident. it is always the result of intelligent effort."

-John Ruskin

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